David O’Boyle’s February 2023 Art Contest

Contest Invitation

David O’Boyle of davidoboyles.com is inviting all artists residing in the United States to draw , paint or design the illustration for his Transient Visitors Tiny Tale “Ghostkeepers.”


The contest is open to all people 18 or older who live in the United States.

Contest Theme and Inspiration

Drawing is hard. As you will see from this sight, I write a lot of very short stories (“tiny tales”), purely for entertainment, for a reader on the go. To make them even more entertaining, I like to provide a pleasing image to go along with the story. It turns out words and images go well together. Who knew.

Sometimes I take this task on myself and do my own drawing. As much as I enjoy doing so, I remain and work in progress. Therefore, it doesn’t always come out pretty. That’s where you come in!

Contest Deadline

  • The Art Contest submission period begins February 4, 2023 and concludes on February 21, 2022 at midnight EST.
  • Only one submission per applicant will be accepted.
  • There will be one winner selected from all entries. The winner will receive $100.

For additional information or questions, please email davidoboyles@gmail.com.

See contest terms and conditions.



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