Ode to Hackneyed

I came across hackneyed when reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Remarkable book. Should be required reading for everyone. Truly, utterly, inspirational. Frankl uses the word ‘hackneyed’ when he recalls the return home from Nazi concentration camps: Bitterness was caused by a number of things he came up against in his former homeContinue reading “Ode to Hackneyed”

hungry? Have some troll food.

“Weather’s shitty,” Dunbar said to his son Harwood.

“Just some fog,” Harwood said, bending over to lace up his running shoes.

“Lotta fog. Cold too,” Dunbar sniffled. A slimy mug emerged from the kitchen sink and slid into his swollen, arthritic hands. Around here, coffee didn’t wait for clean cups.

Had the temerity to write a poem about temerity.

Was reading through Jack London’s White Fang the other day. There is a scene where an older dog named Baseek tries to take the moose meat of a young and vibrant wolfdog, for whom the eponymous novel is named, and gets more than he was asking for. London writes: “Baseek [the older dog] was surprised by the other’s [White Fang’s] temerity and swiftness of attack.” I chose to explain the word in an inverted circumstances. In other words, in a situation where the fearlessness and excessive confidence that encapsulate the word’s meaning hurts, rather than helps, the actor acting with temerity. Enter the monkey. Enter the crocodile. The rest is history. Well, at least for the monkey. https://davidoboyles.com/te

Teaser Tale Number 3, “Death by Relaxation” now available. Intended readership live life by anxiety.

The loop around the tidal basin left Emory wanting more. To up his exercise, he pedaled past the Jefferson Memorial and into Potomac Park, the peninsula behind the National Mall. Cherry blossoms in peak bloom greeted him along the way, arching above him on branches and rolling across the pavement.

Thus spoke the CRAVEN…Nevermore

Last week, I listened to the book Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. In his chapter on podcasting he said something about a ‘craven podcaster.’ Don’t hold me to that Mr. Levinson, I don’t have the book to check if these were your words or I am just attributing them to you by mistake. InContinue reading “Thus spoke the CRAVEN…Nevermore”