May 2023 New Newsletter

Dave writes slow as a slug. He also doesn’t like to write non-fiction. There’s too much risk of coming off as an ignoramus. Better to work through issues of the day through his characters. Yet despite this fact, he ‘marketing folk’ assure him that a newsletter is pivotal to company development. There’s the conflict. HowContinue reading “May 2023 New Newsletter”

Monday morning chocolate chip cookie-backing- 1

Looked up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies to make on a Sunday night to start a ritual. Brought them into the office on Monday. Feedback was a little inconsistent. Some said that they were just right and others said they were doughy and others said that they were a little crispy. You’ll see fromContinue reading “Monday morning chocolate chip cookie-backing- 1”

Coming to Eat Gingerbread Houses near you!

A foghorn-voiced dramatist blared about a father and son trudging through a blizzard of radioactive ash. The Road played on Royce’s audio app, but only for a moment. Preservation of low iPhone battery power outweighed listening pleasure. The last three hours of the fictional Road would have to wait until he finished the real road before him.

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