The Leprechaun Who Wore Other Hats




After all their hard work preparing for St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns need a vacation. Since they love to travel, these vacations take them all over the world. Well, if they can afford it. You see, pots of gold don’t grow on trees. They must be earned, which is why they exist at the end of the rainbow. Equally important, once earned, pots of gold must be saved. Figuring this out takes Quinnen the Leprechaun some time.



It does not take him time, once he gets to travelling, to embrace new customs and cultures. In France, Japan, and everywhere in between, Quinnen eats the local cuisine, speaks the local language, and wears hats that match the local fashion. When he returns home to Ireland, all he’s learned abroad comes with him. As a result, his old life needs to make room for what’s new. Thankfully Quinnen has the space. Like blue and yellow make green, old and new make Irish…and everything else for that matter.


David O’Boyle is the author of multiple children’s books, novels and short stories.

Illustrator Tan Ngo specializes in concept art for various media. This is David and Tan’s second children’s book together. The other one is Finboy.

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