Pluto’s Plea for Planethood


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Tiny. Tilted. Freezing. Faraway.

Pluto is the subject of much description. The constant in those descriptions was their reference to Pluto as a planet. Since 2004, this is no longer the case. After nearly 75 years of planethood status, the former ninth planet in our solar system has been reclassified.

Initially Pluto meets reclassification with resistance. He does this by asserting the defense of mistake, first to his (former) fellow planets, and then to the Sun. Some of his arguments start to stick, but in pleading his case, the flaw in his efforts is revealed within. Pluto sees that he is too focused on how others see him, and not focused enough on how he sees himself.

Realizing this, the Sun’s final ruling on his planethood status reduces in value. Regardless of whether Pluto is a planet, a dwarf planet, a space object or whatever else, Pluto will always be Pluto. And that is enough.

David O’Boyle is the author of children’s books, novels, and short stories.

Illustrator Tan Ngo specializes in concept art for various media.

This is David and Tan’s fourth children’s book together. The other three are In Defense of Sock MonstersFinboy and The Leprechaun Who Wore Other Hats.


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