A monkey has temerity when it jumps out of a tree

And splashes around in the water

When it doesn’t know how to swim

And a crocodile is swimming by.

There is an element of boldness to temerity

Of nerve 

But that boldness, that nerve

is just kind of stupid

In that it disregards

Obvious repercussions

Either in the form of punishment



When not talking about monkeys

And talking more about when people have temerity

It tends to be a word used in conversation

To describe situations

Where a person says something

in a situation

where most



go there.

But the person with temerity (a noun because it is a thing one has)

That person doesn’t care.

Even if saying something could hurt them in some way

It isn’t factored into their decision-making.

Fear is not a factor.

Not only is it

Not a factor

It is an anti-factor

Because the person with temerity

Has such contempt for fear- which is not the same thing as being brave because one who is brave does things in spite of their fear-

Has such disrespect for fear

Really despises fear


they are not like the daredevil either.

The daredevil gets joy out of fear

One who has temerity (you HAVE temerity, which makes it a thing, which makes it a noun)

would never chase fear, nor get joy from facing it

they are repulsed by it, they want nothing to do with it

they don’t even want it factored into the equation.

It’s dinner scraps for the trough.

That the pigs can enjoy.

Like the crocodile may enjoy the monkey.

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