Transient Visitors: Month 1 of 12 A Collection Of Very Tiny Tales




A quick fix of fiction. Something to read at breakfast when you finish the back of the cereal box. Novels never fit that mold. Neither do magazine-length short stories. That’s why I wrote Transient Visitors: Month 1 of 12a Collection of 31 Very Tiny Tales.    

In addition to complimenting your soggy second layer of Cheerios, this book will send you into space, underground, and through the tapestry of time in between. Along the way, anticipate encounters. Fellows will emerge that seem strange… they probably are. Other fellows will emerge that seem fine…they probably aren’t. My advice is this:    

Avoid aliens and intergalactic criminals, especially the moody ones. Before boarding a train, confirm its destination. Dine with sasquatches, but don’t be their dinner. And finally, watch your spouse, your in-laws and your employees.    

Everyone…and everything, is up to something

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