Ode to Frittered

8. Frittered

Little tidbits

Odds and ends

Of whatever, fruit or meat or veggie or tuber

Being fried up on the griddle

After being dipped in batter.

That’s a poor man’s tender

That’s a low-class nugget.

That’s a fritter. A noun.

 But I want to define the verb. The one with the -ed added to it.

I want


Often accompanied by the adverb ‘away’ (frittered away) or ‘down’ (frittered down)

Especially in the context of money or time or energy.

When something is frittered, it is squandered in a piecemeal fashion


until it becomes nothing at all.

Like a piece of wood that you whittle

With a dull knife

From a square stub

To a rounded end

To a pointy edge

To eventually, nothing.

Or like my day today.

Where I frittered away my time and my money

First at breakfast

when I opted

for overpriced French Roast

Over the house blend.

Then I dilly-dallied on main street

Before a stroll into the local convenience store

To buy silly bumper stickers

Even though I don’t use bumper stickers

Because I don’t have a car.

And to buy two funny books.

One about songbirds 

The other about making fires without matches,

Neither of which I would read.

Later, after puttering about in the park

First birdwatching

Then watching people fire-starter barbeques

Then thinking about cooking songbirds on an open fire

I got hungry

And bought gelato

Instead of ice cream

From a street vendor with a pushcart  

just because, it being Italian and all,

it sounded nicer to say,

and loved ones had just returned from the ‘Amalfi’ coast

A place that in Italy I now realize I always called ‘Malfi’ coast.

God I’m an idiot.

But I was an idiot with gelato, which is better

Then an idiot

Without gelato.  

Until the gelato was done. And then I was back to being an idiot without gelato.

But an idiot who conveniently


In front of a bus stop.

I could have taken the bus

But elected to take a Taxi home,

Despite the bus

Stopping right in front of my apartment.

Once I got there, again by taxi, not by bus,

I tipped my driver

And spent

the last



left on my credit card

Paying for a movie on Amazon demand

that I had watched a million times before

that is always on cable.  

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