Orchardkeeper: Take a Pick, I mean click.

Over the years I’ve written various iterations of Orchardkeeper. The more I rewrote and revised, the less philosophical and the more Michael Bay it became. Maybe I am getting simpler in my thirties. Nowadays all I need is some lava and some giants and I’m satisfied. Hopefully you are too. If not, you can still enjoy Gene Ellerby’s illustration of Transient Visitors Month 2 of 12 Teaser Tale #7 (see below). Gene’s work is always worth a click.

hungry? Have some troll food.

Check out my newest Transient Visitors, Month 2 of 12, Teaser Tale, “Troll Food“. I wrote this during the winter months of Covid after quite a bit of time jogging on long country roads during dry January, trying to rid myself of a craft beer belly. Disclaimer: No aliens or trolls were hurt in the production of this story.


A Transient Visitors teaser tale on football to get you ready for football Sunday

Odd as it may appear, I’ve been working on this story for a few years now. Little brains take a long time to produce things, even if they are only a few pages. I wanted to publish it at the right time, so I asked myself, when would the world be most receptive to “The Arro”. The answer: before kickoff on Sunday morning. If anyone is interested to know, this will be one in a series of more targeted posts (a story about football posted on Sunday morning before football) to see if I generate more traffic. Maybe that’s a no brainer. But again, see above…little brain. Link to “The Arro” here: https://davidoboyles.com/the-arro/

Teaser Tale Number 3, “Death by Relaxation” now available. Intended readership live life by anxiety.

A little something to indulge alongside your Friday morning coffee and (hopefully) donut. Even though it’s short and sweet, as a matter of principle, take your time reading this one. For many of you it’s the last Summer Friday of the year. By this time next week it will be a lot harder to fake what you are working on. Enjoy for the time being. Winter is coming.