Makes me think 
Which is kind of what the word means. 
To be fickle
is to emotionally 
From one thing to the next 

A fickle person is not a person you can trust 
They are erratic in how
They change their mind 
A fickle person
Is Disloyal 
Is Not genuine
Is Untrue 
By the transitive property 
A fickle person is false 

At first 
I thought that 
A fickle person is like Little Finger from Game of Thrones 
You know
He is disloyal and not genuine and untrue 
Little Finger is calculating 
He does not erratically change his mind 
He waits
Until the time is right
To betray, to be untrustworthy
To show his lack of loyalty 

The polar opposite of a fickle person 
And therefore 
A person loyal and genuine
Would give the middle finger to Little Finger

Samwise Gamgee 
From Lord of the Rings 
Who went with Mr. Frodo, his master,
to Mordor
is one such person. 

If Sam were fickle
He would have started on the journey with Mr. Frodo 
Had a sudden change of mind
Perhaps based on a change in the weather 
Or a desire for a drink at the Green Dragon 
And turned back from the Brandywine Bridge 
Towards Bagshot Row in Hobbiton.
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