Things I Recommend*

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Meditations (#ad)** by Marcus Aurelius.

Enter the mind of Plato’s real-world embodiment of the “Philosopher King”.

The Antidote: (#ad) Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking by Oliver Burkeman.

Be proud when someone says ‘you’re so negative.’ You might be better off.

Infused: Adventures in Tea (#ad) by Henrietta Lovell.

Pick up a copy of this pleasure read. Once you do, you’ll no longer hear boiling water whistle from the teapot. You’ll hear the ballad of camellia sinensis being sung out the kettle. 


The funniest book I’ve ever read. (#ad)

Children’s Books

The fact that Klassen’s style has the appeal that it does makes me want to slap the reading public on the back and say, ‘Proud of you.’ (#ad).

Under the Great Plum Tree is a gateway book into the wonders of South Asian culture. Part of that wonder is what it ignores and what it amplifies. For example, linear perspective, or the artistic technique of creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface, is abandoned by illustrator Reza Dalvand. In its place, patterns and colors reign supreme, as they do in the Indo-Persian traditions that influenced the art for this work.

In the same way Dalvand honors the visual history of the area, author Sufiya Ahmed honors the oral history of the area. In a good way- think vintage, think retro- she pens a story that feels old, like it is the result of years and years of a literary process that feels geological. And yet it was published in 2019. When an author achieves this goal, you read it.   

Modern stoicism in kid form. Refreshing in that it gives kids more credit in terms of the depth of content that they can handle. One of those reads that transcends age. I may go as far as to say that even armchair philosphers should make this a part of their collection. Bravo Einat Tsarfati.

In Ryan Higgins’ Mother Bruce, a gaggle of goslings mistake a male black bear for their mother. Through compromise and mutual accommodation, a unique family finds a way. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all.

M.H. Clark’s words in All that I am read like a bedtime secular prayer. The illustrations by Laura Carlin feel like the dream that person praying encounters once they drift off to sleep.


We’ve all been there.

Crocs (#ad)

Better called Chameleons. Crab defense while surfcasting. Use later in day for slippers.

New Balance Men’s Sneaker (#ad)

Acquire old-man strength early. Carbon-date to estimate lifespan. Pillows on your feet.

NYC Gems

Max Caffe (#ad)

Burrow in here. Don’t leave until you finish that first novel.

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