Ode to Insipid

I wrote an ‘Ode to Insipid’ after reading it in Infused: Adventures in Tea by Henrietta Lovell. Below is is my favorite passage containing the ode word. Admittedly, I take the sentence a bit out of context. Henrietta-I call her Henrietta because her readers can’t help but feel like they know her- is not an enemy of milk or other additives. She just knows they have a place and time, and that time is not when upper-tier camellia sinensis has a seat at the table. But I digress, enter Henrietta:

“The finest Chinese and Darjeeling black teas, the truly delicious ones, get drowned by milk, becoming insubstantial, insipid ghosts.”  

Bottom line- pick up a copy of this pleasure read. Once you do, you’ll no longer hear boiling water whistle from the teapot. You’ll hear the ballad of camellia sinensis being sung out the kettle. 

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