2. Diffident

I've always confused
'diffident' with
they are not the same thing.

the key is in the origin
both have Latin roots
but the Latin different is from
the Latin 'differencia'.

the Latin 'diffident' is from
two words compounded
'dis' and 'fidere'
along the way to Middle English
and then to English
'dis' became 'dif'
'fidere' became 'fident'
to make diffident

but what does it mean?

it means “modest or shy because of a lack of self-confidence”
different, as we all know, means not the same
so I was DIFFIDENT to start this blog because
of all the DIFFERENT ways that you can be trolled online.

yet just going for it creates confidence
confidence kills diffidence.

just be careful
because there is a good argument to make
that the second you have too much confidence
you may want to practice being a little humble

a little...diffident.
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